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Fill out the information listed below and someone from our team will reach out to you asap to confirm your booking and finish the reservation process.  

Important: Your card will not be charged until you speak & confirm your booking w/ a Gotta Travel Now agent.

All of the terms and conditions stated in GTN’s Purchase and Participation Agreement and Privacy Policy. In addition my booking is subject to the resorts' terms, conditions, & cancellation policy.
That all deposits and wristband bookings are non refundable. Additionally, the use of this ticket or wristband is subject to the Purchase and Participation Agreement (PPA) as published on By using this ticket or wristband, you agree to be bound by the PPA. Gotta Travel. All rights reserved.

There will be 2 separate charges that will appear on your credit card statement. All resort rooms are billed through Dreams Jade Resort & Spa and will appear on their credit card statement. Additionally all event wristbands will be billed by Gotta Travel Now and will appear as such on your credit card statement as a separate charge.

Thanks for submitting! A rep from Gotta Travel Now will contact you asap to confirm your reservation. 

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